Technical Specs for Corian Countertops

DuPont manufactures the Corian brand of countertops. These are upscale consumer countertops for kitchens, baths and table surfaces. These countertops are designed to be long-lasting and stain- and heat-resistant. The actual dimensions of the countertop vary based on your needs. You must hire a trained professional to install your countertop to qualify for the warranty. You can purchase Corian countertop products from local retailers and home improvement stores.

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The DuPont Corian countertops are available in more than 100 colors, including white, Arctic Blueberry, Strawberry Ice and Willow. The colors are compatible with ANSI Z124.3 or ANSI Z124.6 standards. These countertops resemble real stone, but they are made of 1/3 acrylic resin and 2/3 natural minerals. The resin is also known as PolyMethyl MethAcrylate. You can, however, easily shape this material since it is similar to wood. Use a router with at least a 0.4 inch bit to make cutouts. Unlike real stone, you don’t need to seal Corian countertops, making it more maintenance-free than standard stone.

The Corian collection includes three series of special colors: Illumination, Private and Terra. The Illumination series includes bright colors. The Private collection includes earth-tone colors, and the countertops in this collection have grains like real stone. The Terra collection is made of at least 6 percent recycled content, and 10 styles have about 13 percent recycled material. This series is available in 27 shades. All Corian colors are available in the following dimensions 1/2 inch thick by 30 inches wide by 145 inches long. Colors like Aurora, Dusk and Glacier white are available in 1/2 inch thickness by 36.6 inches wide by 145 inches long. The 1/4 inch thick by 30 inch wide by 98 inch long sheets are for colors like Beach, Dawn Beige and Dusk.White and off-white colors like Bone, Glacier White and Cameo White are available in the following dimensions: 1/4 inch wide by 36.6 inches wide by 98 inches long or 3/4 inches thick by 30 inches wide by 145 inches long.

The DuPont Corian countertops are heat resistant, and they can withstand temperatures up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. You must, however, avoid placing a hot item directly on your countertop and keep flames away from it. This will damage your countertop. Corian has a hardness rating of around 85 on the Rockwell M Scale. The Corian countertop is also non-porous, making it stain- and mildew-resistant these countertops are certified kosher. You receive a 10-year warranty on these countertops, which covers material defects. This warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse or chemicals.

Tensile strength is the maximum strength that the material can handle without stretching, and the tensile strength of Corian countertops are 6,000 psi. The flexural strength (ability to not deform under a load) is 10,000 psi.You can clean your Corian countertop with common household products including ammonia-based cleaning solutions or warm, soapy water. You can repair damage up to 0.010 inch deep by polishing and sanding the material. You must contact an authorized repair technician to repair major damage to your countertop.The actual price of the Corian sheets depends on width and thickness.

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